Asana Connector + Stories?


Has anyone been able to get the Asana connector to query the "Stories" table?  This seems to be where their user audit data resides and while I can query other tables like the "Tasks" table this "Stories" one continues to return no information.  Any suggestions?


(Perhaps there's a work around connecting directly to their api rather than using the Domo connector...)



  • Heidi
    Heidi Domo Employee

    Hi!  While I'm not familiar with the Asana Story table in in particular, if it is not pulling the data successfully it sounds like the connector may need an enhancement in order to get the query working. To do so you can contact your CSM to get the process started and determine what is possible. If you're able to query the data through Postman or a similar program from the Asana API, or show documentation from Asana showing that it is possible, that typically will speed up the process.


    The next option would be to query the API and then upload the results from the query separately through a CSV file or similar. Though not as direct, that may work for your needs. The flexibility offered through Domo allows multiple types of uploads, so you should be able to find an option that works for your needs.


    Best of luck!