Any way for an admin to favorite a page or card on a users behalf

jstan Contributor
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Hi, I created a new page that I am using to replace an existing page.  For anyone who added the old page to their favorites, I would like to remove the old page from favorites and replace it with the new page.  Is there a way for an admin to add or remove favorites of a card/page for someone?  




  • MarkSnodgrass

    I'm not aware of a way to favorite on a user's behalf, but here is a way to get around that:

    Create a new page called "old" or whatever you like and move the cards that are on the page that everyone to this newly created "old page".

    Next, move the cards that are on your new page to the page that everyone has favorited.

    This way, everyone will be seeing the new cards without having to favorite/unfavorite any pages. 

    You can moved cards to pages in bulk via the Admin -> Pages settings page so this process would be pretty fast.


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  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    @jstan , i think you're asking a bit of a dev ops question right?

    Like "I have a 'Sales Dashboard v1' and then I do development and create a Sales Dashboard v2, how do I get everyone to see it?"


    @MarkSnodgrass is correct, you could migrate cards between v2 and v1 version of the Dashboard.


    Alternatively, instead of having people use Favorites, you can create a default set of pages for the company (Admin > Company Settings > Company Page Settings)


    If you want a bespoke experience for everyone, you could create a landing page that serves as a directory to the dashboards.  (Create a web form of dashboards with their URL links then create a Table Card with embedded URL links). You could even apply PDP policies to the directory webform so that people only see 'the correct listing of dashboards.'


    This will give you the ability to create a central place where people go to get to 'the correct dashboard'.  Additionally, you could use this page to disseminate announcements about Domo or training etc, which your Major Domos would find invaluable.

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