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I am creating a dashboard with checkbox filter cards based on a column with a lot of unique entries. Is there a way to select all the checkboxes in a subset as opposed to individually checking in each box? For example if I type the string 'apple' into the filter by search bar in the filter card, the filter card will return checkboxes labeled like...







I would like to select all of the boxes with the apple label, but as it is right now I would have to check off each box individually to display all data with 'apple' in this particular column. Is it possible to have a Select All option in a filter card?



  • Neeti
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    Hi @user049665 ,


    I dont think there is any option as 'select all' for checkboxes available as of now. Since its a filter column, and if you would like to select all, which means show data for all the selected values. I would advice you to reset filter, which would work in a same way. Resting filter means show all without having any filter, which is actually you are looking for i.e 'select all'.


    Do let me know if this fix your issue?


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  • Ashleigh

    I do not think you can do a select all however you could make another filter to group your data, we have done something similar. For example if you are listing different types of apples and melons you could make a beastmode like the following:



    when `fruit` like '%apple%' then 'apple'

    when `fruit` like '%melon%' then 'melon' 



    This would allow you to have a secondary top level filter where you could select apple which would then have the data for all apples.

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