How safe to use Domo Governance Datasets Connector?

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My requirement is to find out the lineage of a DOMO dataset for auditing. If dataset 'DS A' is used as one of the input datasets to a dataflow 'DF A' and the output dataset is 'DS B'. By having the name of dataset name 'DS A', I need to find out the derived dataset names 'DS B' and corresponding dataflow names 'DF A' as well. Currently I don't see any datasets of 'DomoStats' help to find out the data lineage. I find the datasets from 'Domo Governance Datasets Connector' app is useful to find out the lineage of a dataflow. The dataset 'Dataflow Details' has the information about input datasets, output datasets of every dataflow.


The concern is that 'Domo Governance Datasets Connector' app requires 'Acces token' of a DOMO user who has 'Admin' previleges. Is it really safe to provide 'Access token' of a 'Admin' user to a third party app ? How do I know the list of areas that 'Domo Governance Datasets Connector' app access with 'Admin' previlege ? Is the app accessing only the metedata of my DOMO instance or even it also accesses the data of my DOMO instance? Is there a mention about this security terms from the vendor of 'Domo Governance Datasets Connector' app ? It is really important to use a 3rd party app within an enterprise. Can anybody help on this by sharing your experience or advice ? 


If anybody has suggestions to find out data lineage of a dataset by any other ways, please share your ideas as well. 


  • GrantSmith

    Hi @PandianS ,


    Are you unable to use the new Lineage tab on the dataset? That'll show you the upstream and downstream datasets that are impacted without having to utilize the Domo Governance Dataset connector.

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  • PandianS

    Hi @GrantSmith , 

                   Thanks for the response. Yes you are rihgt, but I'm looking for a report kind of output from where we can get the details at enterprise level. If we have a dataset with required details (metadata of dataflows), that would help to make reporting. Hope it clarifies.