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Hello All!

We use Domo as our digital anlaytics tool. I'd be interested in hearing from other customers who also use this tool for web analytics. More specifically if they have a possible solution for pathing questions. With the introduction of the sankey diagram I thought this would be the ideal chart for web page pathing. 

However, if I try to use it it gives me a circular reference error. I think I understand why because if there is a scenario where page A leads to page B there can't also be a scenario where page B leads to page A but that of course can happen a lot in web analytics. 

Therefore, I just want to throw out the question here if someone has any experience with pathing here in Domo.




  • GrantSmith

    Hi @Stefano ,


    I've done some things similarly in terms of attribution modeling using a Markov chain / probability matrix pivot table but it depends on how many different pages you're attempting to display in your pathing report. The more different pages you have the wider and larger your table / matrix becomes. The downside to this is you only get to see where they go on their next step and don't have the overall path.






    The other option is to create the paths yourself as part of a query and seprate it by a delimiter and display all of the possible paths seen as a table

    A > B > C15
    A > C42
    C > B > C22



    They have their downfalls as it's more data heavy and aren't as pretty as a Sankey chart but I've found them to be an effective way to relay pertinent information to stakeholders. Both methods are dependent on the number of pages you're attempting to display.

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  • Stefano

    Thanks Grant!

    I don't have a particular set or number of pages I would like to do this. But I rather wanted to look at our entire web analytics dataset. Basically I was hoping to be able to pick any web page in our web eco system and look at the next pages to and from there.

    Like with your Markov chain / probability matrix pivot table, what I have done for now is to create a table in which one picks a particualr page and it will list all the next pages that got viewed. Problem now is, I would like to be able to pick one of those next pages and again look at the next pages and so on...

    This would also best show at what point or on which page we have a big drop off, meaning people leaving our website.

    I have attached a screenshot from adobe analytics and I was hoping to replicate something like that in Domo. Hope this clears up my problem/question. 

  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    @Stefano  your visualization is just an extension of @GrantSmith 's path model.


    PrevPage Current Page Next Page Count
    a b c 15
    start a end 1
    a c end 42
    c b c 22


    if for SessionID = 1 the journey was

    A > B > A >C 


    then you would have 4 entries for that one journey.

    Start > A > B 

    A > B > A

    B > A > C

    A > C > End


    That'd be a gnarly little piece of SQL @GrantSmith ?

    Jae Wilson
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