Change Column Name in a Dataset

Hi Guys, 


Is there a way to change the column name in a dataset? I'm using Informatica to load in my datasets into Domo. I know you can create an ETL flow but the dilemma I'm facing is:


I have a dataset (Dataset_A1) which had 4 columns, 

account | record | id | amount_given


I created a dataflow to edit the column names & created a new database (Dataset_B1)

account | record | id | amount given


Now I have a new dataset (Dataset_C1), which contains has different naming conventions. 

account | record | id | amt_given 


I tried using the dataflow for Dataset_B1 & change the naming convention to amt_given so I can switch the datasource for my reports from Dataset_B1 to Dataset_C1 but when I apply the change in the dataflow, the card breaks and doesn't recognize the name change. Is there a way to get around this?







  • This should be doable.  Would you mind sharing some screenshots of the ETL?  Specifically, the configuration for the tile where you try to change the name?  



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