HubSpot dataset request too large

When i try to run the HubSpot connector for 'All Deals' i am getting the following error message. 
It was running fine when we had 1261 rows of data but we are now at 1286 and the issue has arose. 

Is there a limitation on the number of deals that you can import using the connector ? 


Has anyone encountered this issue before and if so where they able to find a solution ? 



Annotation 2020-02-18 164459.png


  • Hi,


     Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try:

    1. Review the configuration to make sure all required items have been selected.

    2. Review the connector history for error messages.

    3. To reduce API calls for reports that allow date selections ("Email Events," "Events," "Blog Topics," and "Subscription Timeline"), use Append and choose to pull data from the last successful run instead of all data.

    4. In rare cases, you may be requesting too much information and reaching API limitations or timeouts.

    5. If this is the case, you can review the history of the connector run to see the error message and duration. If this is the case, you can reduce the number of accounts that are being pulled, choose a smaller number of metrics for the report that you are pulling, or reduce the time frame that you are trying to pull.

    Here is Hubspot's documentation on working within Hubspot's API limitations:

    Hope this helps!