Reporting on Google Ads Video / Youtube Campaigns?


Has anyone had any luck pulling metrics for Video Ads run through Google Ads?


I tried using the Google Analytics connector and pulling in data from the Adwords section, but they don't have Video Views as a Metric.


Is there any way I can pull in our Spend, Impressions, and Views from the Youtube/Video Campaigns we are running in Google Ads?


  • GrantSmith

    When interacting with Google Ads I've had to do it two separate ways (I didn't have access to BigQuery at the time).


    The first was writing a custom Python script to query the Google Ads API for the information I needed and then utilized the Domo API to upload that dataset into Domo. It's a very technical process and you'll need a deep knowledge of how APIs work.


    The second way is actually outlined in a help document to pull the data into Google Sheets using the Google Ads custom programming language and then using a Google Sheets connector within Domo to ingest the data. You'd also need to utilize a self referencing data flow since you'd eventually run out of cells to store information within Google Sheets.

    There's a really handy knowledgebase article ( which outlines this whole process.


    The third option is to connect using the Google AdWords connector for BigQuery if you have that available.


    Hope this help!

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