Create a dynamic hyperlink without having to put it in a table


I want to insert a hyperlink in my page which changes based on the selection made in the filters available on my page. As of now, I can either insert a fixed hyperlink, or link something to a page within Domo. 


For now, I've created a column using beast mode which inserts a hyperlink in a number. The code is something like this: 


WHEN `platform` = 'X' THEN CONCAT('<div style="text-align: center"><a href="https://',`xx`,'/xxx/',`xxxx`,'"target="_blank">',`xxx`,'</a></div>')


But I have to use this in a table. Is there anyway I can insert a dynamic hyperlink in a dashboard without doing such a calculation in beast mode. 


  • You can also use HTML code in summary numbers.  You can use that to create the link as well

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    That does not work. We tried it. 

  • hamza_123
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    In summary, we're given the option of 'count' or 'sum' (depending on the column type). 


    There's not a way we can show the hyperlink

  • The summary number does have to be an aggregate function.  


    Maybe I just need some more details about what you are trying to create a link to, and how you want that to work.  


    I've created links using something like this in the past:

    max(concat('<a href="'
    ,'',`Salesforce Account ID`,
    '" target="_blank">'
    ,'<img src="your_image_link" width="50" height="25">',

    Give me a link like this:


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