How to put default filters at the top of a page?


I've made a dashboard which has many cards. There is also a date filter at the top which can allow users to choose the timerange they want to see the data in. In the data at the backend, there is data for many years (from 2000 to 2019). 


I want to set the default date to current year. So when users log in to the dashboard, they see everything for the current year. 


When I try to set and save filters at the top of my page, my dashboard users cannot see the same filters on their pages. Even though I'm the administrator, and the page creator! 


Please if anyone can answer how to achieve this? 


  • Do you have any PDP policies in place that would affect what other would see? Typically, page filters affect all users, so it is surprising they aren't seeing your changes.

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  • hamza_123
    hamza_123 Contributor

    There is no PDP policy as of now. 

  • Ashleigh

    @hamza_123  Page views are unique to each user so you will not be able to save filters to have others see them. However, have you treid using filter cards? You could make a date filter card and then filter it to be for this year. That card then filters all your other cards on the page once a date range is chosen by the user. If the range only has this year then it should filter all the cards for this year as well. 

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