Qualtrics Quickstart connector failed


Has anyone successfully used the Quatlrics Quickstart?


I'm getting an error on the Surveys dataset, so the dashboard is not completing successful. The error message is not clear to me, so thought I'd ask for some help. Screenshot of the error included below.




Screen Shot 2019-11-18 at 1.08.03 PM.png


  • RMahon
    RMahon Domo Employee

    Hi Kelly,


    The identifier name that is being used to identify the column "Loop And Merge_BL_0d PoJ7J0e C0Fz DL_randomization Meta_randomize" is 65 characters long. 


    Is this a field name you can alter in the source of the data (Qualtrics)? Remove one character and then re-import the data this should be good to go.



  • kelly_tagtow

    This is not a field that I've created directly, so wanted to see if the problem was with the QuickStart itself, before I started trying to debug/fix it for our use.


    Thank you for the suggestion.