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What level of user does one have to be to access page filters in mobile? Would an editor have access to that? 




  • I would expect that if you're talking about just accessing the ones an editor/admin has added to the page that all normaly users  (Participant and up) could access it. Is that not what you're experiencing?

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  • According to this KB article,, particpants cannot add or remove page filters. 

    Also, any admin or editor can remove a filter, so a filter may have been removed by another user. Filters can also be hidden from view initially, making them difficult to use. 

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    I noticed that you were specifically asking about mobile.  Any user other than a social user should be able to access the page filters.  Looking at my own page, I see that I need to tap the menu button at the top right to reach filters.  If you have a user who should have access, but "doesn't", you may want to suggest they try that, or look at it with them.  



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