Alert Notifications for Card Certification

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I want to set up an alert for cards around card certification. I want the alert to generate when a specific card(s) get certified or anytime the certification is removed.


In admin settings I have certification on cards expire if they are editted. This would alert me and my team to discuss what changed and review recertifying the card.


Thoughts or advice?


  • Thanks for your question, have you had a look at the KB Documentation on Alerts?




  • AdventureSet

    Hi Dani,


    I appreciate the response. I have reviewed KB Documentation. I have also unsuccessfully tried to research how I could create a beast mode based on card certification so that I could use the beast mode as a metric. I was unable to find a solution on the dicussion boards or on Google.


    Seems like this would be a process and controls reporting gap not being able to know when certified cards lost certification and linking that to a specific change. Fortunately, I don't have Internal controls asking me to achieve this but thought it would be a value add to my team.

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    Interested in this as well

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