Exporting Unique Values of Column


I'm trying to export a list of the unique values in a given column. For example, I have a dataset of pipeline data with ~2million rows, and I just want a list of the opportunity owners in that dataset. 


Is there a way to export that list without exporting a 2M rows and pivoting for owner name? 




  • guitarhero23

    What are you planning to do with this report? Is just building this report in Domo an option?


    What I mean is create a basic table card that only contains what you want and then export that. 


    Based on this dataset



    You can do a count of any column and it'll turn each owner to unique, and you can choose to disregard the other column used completely.




    Alternatively you could create a dataflow that either removes duplicates or does something similar as I did above and create a separate dataset that only contains the distinct owners

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