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I am trying to show particular data by date (Ex: only Month of July) on a card so not everything shows up but then I want the user to filter the range based on their needs. I can create a hard code filter that would limit the data but then I am stuck because User cannot select a range.


  • Cartergan

    You should be able to select the date range that is displayed through the card analyzer DateRange.PNG

    You can then add the date as a filter and have it display as a quick filter so that users can enter specific dates:


  • guitarhero23

    Here's the trick. On the card date settings leave the entire range of dates you want available to the user.


    Then add a filter using the date field you want and click the "Display as Quick Filter" option. 




    Then in the analyzer go to the quick filter that shows on the right and switch the date range to what you want it to be by default.



    This will default the date range to what you select however the user can interact with this quick filter and change it. Whatever dates setup by you in the card date range will be available




    If I made anything unclear let me know

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