Date Range Filter with Drill Path


Are we able to use the Date Range function at step two or three of a drill path? I am only seeing it on the first level card.


Some users want to see a specific date range when first viewing the card, and then, after drilling in a few levels, they would like to shift the dates.


Is this possible?




  • Ashleigh

    Drill downs use the date filter from the top-level card but when you drill down it should just show as a filter. The user should be able to click on the filter and change it to their desired date range. 

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  • user093289



    Facing the same problem here. Even if I uncheck "Hide date on card details" in analyzer for my drill down path, as soon as I save my card the systems re-checks it (so I can't unhide it at all)...


    Anybody with the same issue ?


    Would be amazing to change date filter on drilled down card without having to go back to the main card.

  • Nek
    Nek Member

    I had the same issue but no solution to this, while I notice my another drillable card could be unchecked the 'hide date' option, just no idea how Domo works.

    hope someone could help advising on this.

    thank you.

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