Update email dataset via another dataset


Hello Domo Community,


We have the following confuguration:


Dataset 1 - Automated, updating every two hours

Email dataset : We have to export the data from Dataset 1 and send it via email to this dataset.


Is there a way to push the data from Dataset 1 to Email Dataset automatically, since we have hundreds of cards build with the Email datasets and all beast mode functions will not work if we just switch to the the Dataset 1 ?


Hope it makes sense


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    What are you doing to the data after you export it?  Some sort of manual process?

    If you absolutely have to keep the email dataset, and you want the export/import automated, it sounds like you need to script your own process outside of Domo.

    Generally speaking, that would include:

    Using the API, export the data

    Using Python or something similar, manipulate the data, and format it as the CSV/XLSX email attachment

    Email the attachment to the same email address you're currently using.


    In essence, take the people out of the export/manipulate/email process by using a script.


    You might also try moving one card over to Dataset1 and recreate the beast modes, sharing each on the dataset.  Once the beast modes exist, try moving another cardto Dataset1 and see if it carries over using the new beast modes.  It it works using the shared beast modes (use the exact names), then you can just transfer all the cards, which is probably a better, long-term solution anyway.

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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