Domo Stats: how to filter out inactive licenses

I'm looking for a way to no longer count inactive licenses in some cards. Is there a way to do this? There's no value to me for including people who no longer work at our company in cards such as "User Inactivity" or "Most Active Users".


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    After playing around with the Domo Stats data sets I unfortunatley was unable to find any sort of indication to wether or not they have an inactive license. The only thing I could think of at this point is to calculate based on the last day they logged in and if it is after a certain threshold to flag that account as inactive. 


    Let me know if you do discover anything!

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    We used a beast mode on the domo stats data source - DATEDIFF(max(`Last Login`),CURDATE())  - kind of like @Cartergan said. but that enabled us to hit the "inactive" users



  • How does that find the inactive licenses? I get inactive users as those that no longer log in but I'm referring to employees that once had a license but no longer are at the company and thus the license isn't active.

  • ah, sorry my misunderstanding ?


    hmm, difficult one - i guess if the hr department don`t access/update Domo, then I guess maybe your admin would need to be notified to remove them from your instance?


    Edit: The data I believe is driven from usage, so Domo doesn`t have an inactive flag as it`s your companies data ?


    OR maybe if there`s no login for x/y/z duration, work on an assumption that the user is no longer with the company? (dangerous - eg long term sick etc however you could add them back in if needed?)

  • Do you know if there is a way to get a list of active accounts from domo stats? If that's the case, I could simply overlay active accounts with historical data but I don't believe that's available.

  • hmm, i`d say no as I believe they only record logins, I`ve used a beast mode as other post, then either hit the license holder for why they`ve not logged in etc or I`ve been told that x/y/z has left business (I`m the admin)


    sorry i cant add anything other than this :(

  • Yea, I'm the admin so I remove licenses from people as they leave. I guess I can apply a filter to every card using a custom beastmode that just lists ex-employees.

  • One possibility would be to create a list of inactive employees and join this to the domo stats data which would allow you to easily exclude those employees.

  • @D-Rab  the DomoStats dataset People should only include the users in your instance. If you filter out social user that would be all of your active licenses. The dataset does not keep people in there who are not in the instance anymore. You could join this dataset with the one feeding the cards and only include matches so that old user data is not included. 

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