Append Issues (Not matching & not appending)


We have two Append issues which cropped up this week that I'm wondering if other people have run into. It's worth noting that WoW, our process and dataflow *didn't change* which makes this especially baffling.


Not Matching Columns

We upload an excel sheet via the file upload connector using the append method. This week, uploading a file that's the same week to week aside from new dates, the system couldn't match column names in the upload to column names in the Domo data. It didn't even try. It just appended based on column order, not column name, which caused quite a few headaches until we realized that. We set up a workaround, but are still not sure why it happened in the first place which is what I really want to know. That way we can avoid it in the future.


The Whole Data Set Doesn't Append

A separate, but still Append issue. Funnily enough, it's the same data, just further down the line, but I think that's a happy coincidence. 


All the data we want is in the channel-specific dataset. We use Append Rows in our magic ETL dataflow to add it to our larger dataset, but things went weird this week. (Though to be fair, this could have happened last week and I missed it.) And by weird, I mean data older than four weeks just isn't appending.  Our flow before the append doesn't have a date filter, nor does our flow after the append.  I've looked at the output the last step of the sequence, right before the append, and yup, all data is there. 




To make matters more interesting, the other channels we're feeding into the append don't have the same issue. It's just this dataset and it's tiny. 2k~ rows total, with roughly 20 new rows a week. Is there a collective limit the Append Rows can handle? Its fed it ten sources and some have a few million rows.


Has anyone else run into something like this?