S3 connector does not work with External buckets?


I'm trying to connect an "external" S3 bucket to Domo. But seems like this does not work. I can connect to external buckets in other applications like Cyberduck or Cloudberry.

Have a support ticket open for this case.



  • BrendanH
    BrendanH Domo Employee


    I do not believe the API that the connector uses is set up to pull external buckets, you may need to look into the S3 API documentation to see if they have a way to pull that data

  • user09441

    I was able to pull data from the same external bucket 4 months back. Since the credentials expired and new credentials were provided, we had to change the secret key. Once this was done, the "authentication" was never successful in Domo, but worked fine in Cloudberry.

    Did anything change with the S3 connector after February 2019?

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