Is it possible to view the SQL query of an ODBC Dataset in Domo?


I have an OBDC dataset running in Workbench on a server, but I want to make some updates to the SQL query. Is it possible to see the SQL query for that dataset directly in Domo or do I need to pull up the job in Workbench on the server?


  • Unknown

    I believe the only way to see the SQL is to navigate to the job in Domo workbench and look in the details of the query. Domo itself only receives the output of the query. Given there are more steps than can be performed after the SQL query is run, such as Workbench transforms, field encryption, schema changes, etc...all of which are also 'invisible' to Domo....I don't believe the Domo job details are made visible in Domo. The only exception to that, I believe, is if you export the workbench job then look at the contents of the JSON file where the query will be embedded (somewhere) - so if it's an access issue for you, seeing the job in workbench, possibly someone could export the job configuration for you and send you the JSON file.