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In our headquarters building... we have a few large monitors around the building that display various things (videos, some reporting/performance numbers, etc.).


We are exploring the idea of displaying a domo dashboard on one of these monitors.  We setup a "report screen" user in domo... and logged in and opened up the dashboard fullscreen on the monitor, and it looks great.


However, the forced log off is our issue now.  I don't want to have to remote connect to the computer that controls the monitor multiple times a day to log back in to domo and launch the dashboard.


- Does anyone have any experience with anything like this... maybe turning off the "forced log off"

- Or does anyone else use a different method to "permanently" display a domo dashboard page like what I've described.  I thought about maybe trying it with domo embed from internal website... but I have a feeling the forced log off would still be an issue.


Has anybody done anything like this?


Jeff H.


  • NewsomSolutions
    NewsomSolutions Domo Employee

    Not sure about the 'forced logoff' issue, but they have an apple TV app for just this scenario if you can't get it worked out on a browser.




    Hope that helps.



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  • Jeffsnake
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    Hmmm... that is interesting.  But I imagine that the meat of the app is just handling the display to the monitor... which we can already do with just a browser... but if a user has to be logged into domo, I assume we would run into the same "forced log-off" situation with the apple app.


    We want the dashboard/page to be open around the clock... without having to continually log in.


    Basically we want the same functionality as the publication slideshow... which will show a constant feed of cards without having to be "logged in" to domo... but we want to display an entire page... not rotate through cards.



  • Ashleigh

    @Jeffsnake If you don't mind me asking, what is the reason for wanting an entire dashboard instead of rotating cards? Have you tried embedding the cards in a website and just displaying that website? 

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  • Jeffsnake
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    @Ashleigh  -  We want to display static multiple cards on a single large screen.  Using Embed is our next thing to try... but we haven't purchased it yet, and I was trying to make it work without it for now.  Everything works great, except for the fact that it auto logs off overnight so I have to manually log it back in every day.


    I think we are going to end up having to go the embed route and just create a web page.


    Jeff H.

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