Smartsheet connector to pull in Sheets from Folder into one DOMO Dataset


Hello All,


I am looking to see if someone is using DOMO and Smartsheets. Have you collected a large number of sheets in DOMO and created visual of a PMO dashboard? Are you able to get multiple sheets from Smartsheets and placed into DOMO in a single dataset. The current method I am using is to get each sheet as a SOLO connection to DOMO. Then use "FUSION" to load all the datasets (Smartsheets downloaded) into a single Dataset. Then report from this single dataset.

Any feedback or thoughts would be helpful.



  • ST_-Superman-_

    I think you are going about it the right way.  Each sheet in Smartsheet is brought into Domo as a separate data set.  If you want some more control over how the datasets are getting joined, you can join the datasets in MySQL or in ETL.  I think there are still some limitations to datafusions (you can't use them as an input for another dataflow).



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