Can a 'Participant' export data from a dataset?

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I have created most of my Domo accounts as 'participants' for the time being to prevent cards from being built. However, I have a few use cases where I need the user to be able to export the data from a dataset. I've 'shared' the dataset with the user, but it seems as though they are still not able to access it. 


Are there settings that can be used to (1) prevent card building but (2) allow for exporting of the dataset?




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    A participant by default can export card data out to excel/etc. But by default, they wouldn't rights on the dataset itself.  


    If they HAVE to export data....What you should do is create a custom role.  Go into Admin - Roles - in the top New - then select Particpant and then add in the Data rights for Edit Dataset.  But I think you should re-consider what you're trying to do with this user.  It may benefit you to just show them how to export a card to a CSV or Excel file vs give them that level of rights and increase the burden on you or your Domo Admin to manage that.