Best approach to build a dashboard

I would like to build a screen that can be displayed in my office with a collection of cards to give an up-to-date view of various stats. 

Something along the lines of Grafana where it isn't necessarily interactive because it will be displayed on a wall-mounted screen. 
Just a page with a collection of statistics and data that is easy to view from a distance. 
Any recommended approaches? Is it just a case of full-screening a customised page?


  • Have you looked at the "View Page as Slideshow" option, or the "Publish as Slideshow" option?



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    Like @ST_-Superman-_  said you can use the slideshows, or publications to achieve this. Slideshow would show the cards on a page, if you publish a publication you choose cards from any page and group them into a publication and can have it be public or private (access code) to view. We have some support stats on a computer at my company using publications.



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  • Yes, but it seems to only show one card at a time which is not what I want. Do you know if this is configurable?


    I did click "Design Dashboard" and it presented it in a way much closer to what I had wanted. 

    Then when I full screen it I get the ideal Dashboard effect. 

    I would love to get best of both worlds where the slideshow could show one full dashboard screen for 30sec, then transition to another screen of stats. 


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    Oh I see. The closest it seems you could get would be to use the design dashboard feature as you described and organized it like that. More extreme is using the Adobe Illustrator Design Studio   to format it very specific to what you want and having that on a page.


    Something you could do that we use is to design two different pages the way you want and publish both as slideshows and then use a Chrome extension (we use TabCarousel) to have Chrome switch between the two tabs (two custom dashboards) every X seconds. Worked well for us.

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  • Interesting, the publications option is great. Just what I needed to be able to publish to a private link that can be picked up by the dashboard browser. And I also had considered using a tab switching extension, thanks for the recommendation!


    Now, if only I could share my "design dashboard" page as a web link instead of the slideshow I would be sorted. 


    I'll look into the Adobe Illustrator option, that could turn out nicely... just need to check if Illustrator is available to me


  • I do think that "Publish Dashboard Design" is on the development timeline.  You may want to reach out to your CSM to see if there is a beta yet.  @DaniBoy - Are you aware of any beta programs that would let @user17827 publish his dashboard layout?

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  • Thanks guys adding @chucki  who manages our Beta programs.


  • OK I heard back from @chucki  and this is on the Beta road map but not available as of today.


    Would be best to check in with your CSM as this becomes available in the future.



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