Filtering a page from a Domo Dev Studio App


Hi all,

I am hoping for a bit of advice...

Currently, I have a custom Dev studio app (a basic chart) which includes some date values. This app is added to a Dashboard page which includes standard KPI cards (and some Sumo cards).

I would like to enable functionality to allow page filtering when selecting a date in the Dev studio app but I can't work out how I can apply page filters from my custom app!

I have a javascript on click event for selecting values in the chart, but I'm unsure of the command to issue in order to apply the filter (do I need to navigate to the Dashboard url and apply the filter that way?)


Thanks all



  • BrendanH
    BrendanH Domo Employee


    I don't think a direct interaction of the app to the dashboard would be available, you may be able to use the interaction filters feature to accomplish something similar.

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