Y-Axis Starting at too high a value


I have a card that is a mix of stacked bar and line. The stacked bar and two lines are on the primary axis while the final line is on the secondary. The issue I am running into is that the y-axis scale is way to large consistently. It is currently starting at a value of 50 billion and the max value of any data point is 15 billion. I know there is a way to set a max value, but if I set the max value to say 15 billion if I then apply a quick filter which is common practice for this card, I end up with a scale that reaches 15 billion even though my actual values shrink (scale does not dynamically update). Question: Is it possible to update the primary y-axis scale so it does not go so far above my actual values and still have it dynamically update when I apply filters?





  • rado98
    rado98 Contributor


    I tried the same thing just now and got a similar result. I think the stacked plus bar style must have a bug in it.

    If you chosse grouped plus bar, which will look the same in your case, the graph will look the way you need it to.

  • user02674


    I agree that it must be some sort of bug with the line + stacked bar visual type. I tried to change it over to the group bar, but it does not get me the same result that I need. I have two series that make up the stacked bar and if I change to a grouped bar the visual shows a grouped bar instead of stacked. I also tried using the line + group and stacked bar and adjusting everything to stack these two values and group none of them and the Y-axis still starts at the $50 billion level.   

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