Change display of medium card on page to clip left side

Is there a way to change the way a medium card is displayed on a page so that it clips the left side of the data instead of the right?   


For instance, I have a Line chart with dates on the x-axis from a specific start date, 3/15/18, till now from left to right.   As the date gets further from 3/15/18 the x-axis gets longer and the medium card is clipping all the dates after 2/28/18.   I'd prefer that the page display shows the most recent dates and clips the dates closer to the start.  I know that I can sort the card as descending instead of ascending to accomplish this, but that changes the presentation of the data in a way that doesn't really align with the purpose.



  • n8isjack
    n8isjack Contributor

    I can't get it to happen. I created a chart and resize it to different sizes but the different views resize all the lines, drop labels, but show everything. Can you show a picture of what is happening?

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