Amazon DynamoDB Data ETL


My team recently began to transition one of our key source data systems to be housed on AWS DynamoDB. Our connection to the legacy system is cumbersome to say the least (e.g. use a custom powershell script, workbench, and csv to feed data to Domo)...So, I was excited to utilize one of Domo's API Connectors to DynamoDB, however, when I tested out the connection I found that all the data elements flow through in a single column `formdata`[screenshot below].Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 3.19.59 PM.png

Our entire Domo instance runs off of a standard relational database format where we can utilize MySQL to transform and manipulate datapoints. Does anyone know an efficient way to get the data seen in the screenshot above into a format with columns and rows where we could mimic the format of our legacy systems output?



  • guitarhero23
    guitarhero23 Contributor

    How does the data appear in Dynamo DB itself? Are you saying it seems Domo is combining it into one column or are you saying you are storing as shown, all in one, so Domo is then pulling that. I haven't attempted a Dynamo connection before but set this one up to test and it appears to work as expected.



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