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I need to calculate the percentage in a table card, the table like this:.

I want to calculate the % based on Sent.  e.g delivered % =4800/5000, Total bounce % =120/5000.


I wrote this beast mode, but return nothing, can you please let me know what is not working.  

Thank you.



WHEN `Category` IN ('Delivered','Total Bounce','Opens','Unsubscribes')
THEN (`total`) END)
WHEN `Category` IN ('Sent')
THEN (`total` )


Total bounce1202.4%



  • I believe that Beast Modes can only perform calculations on rows, which means we may not be able to display your data in a vertical table perfectly.


    Depending on how your data set is structured you have a few options... See the attached PDF for scenarios I have drawn up for you.


  • WizardOz
    WizardOz Contributor

    Hello, DDalt,


    thank you for your help.   My data is stored in option 1 in your pdf.  Unfortunately, what I am showing is what my stakeholders would like to have.  I hope I can do it in the way they want.   Any other ideas?


    Thank you.





  • Sure! So in this case, we will need to add a column to our original data that stores the Total Sent value next to each value. This will enable us to perform a calculation on each row where we can divide the metric value by the Total Sent value.


    I've attached another PDF of how I did this using a Redshift transform and how you can build your table in Analyzer using beast mode.

  • WizardOz
    WizardOz Contributor

    Hi, DDalt,


    Thank you for your help.  I did as what's in your data flow.  However, there is another issue now:  In the data flow, the total is for all 'Sent'  for all data I have, however, in my card, I only wanted to show for a certain time period, even better, I would like to give user the ability to select the date range, thus the total sent is changing based on the filters.  Therefore, the % is not correct.


    Any other ideas?


    Thank you very much.



  • Hey Olivia,


    I updated my data set to include a date column and am attaching an example of a window function you can use to select the maximum value for each day (which should be the "Sent" value") and ascribe it to each row within that day.


    If you send multiple emails per day, you could consider partioning by 'email_name' instead of date which would give you the largest value for each email sent

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