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I am trying to create a running total line chart the shows the running total of two events in a series. I can get the information to show, however, one of the "lines" always shows up as data points rather than a line (see the image below). I have the line style set as "plain" and have not changed any of the other default settings. Is there a way for me to create an actual line chart here?






  • AS

    You might try turning off the time scale.

    In the properties menu, Category Scale (X) option, set Never Use Time Scale to True.

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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  • NJT
    NJT Member

    I'm trying to create the multi-line chart with the running total option but it doesn't show up, am I on some old version of DOMO? I'm following the direction from the Help center but that option doesn't show up under general. 


    General > Show as Running Totals

    Lets you specify whether lines appear with running totals in most kinds of Line charts. In other words, each point in a series line displays the cumulative total of all points in the line up to that point.

    The example screenshots show the same curved line chart without and with running totals. In the first example, Show as Running Totals is off so the chart appears with each data point reflecting only the new data up to that point. In the second example, Show as Running Totals is on so each data point reflects all of the data in the line up to that point.

    This property is available for the following kinds of line charts: multi-line, curved line, symbol line, and curved symbol Line.

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