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There is a dataset I import using Workbench, then transform using Magic ETL.  The data includes values between 1-10, but sometimes will contain a random junk value like 324568.  I'd like to filter out all values that don't fall between 1-10, but can't find a way to do this wihtout specifying every possible junk value, ie. replace 11 with Null, replace 12 with Null...this will take quite some time to reach 324568

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  • You could do a select from your data and use the following Case statement to replace all values > 10 with NULL.


    SELECT CASE WHEN `numbercolumn` > 0 AND `numbercolumn` <= 10 THEN `numbercolumn` END AS 'Cleaned Number'
    FROM dataset

    When using a case statement, anything that is not specified to be captured by a the WHEN clause will be replaced with a NULL.


    Let me know if you have any questions on this.


  • Thanks!  Would this Case statement be used in a Beastmode, or can this be done on the data level?

  • Either would work. Use it in a SELECT statement to take care of it at the data level, or just the CASE statement itself as a beastmode.

  • Is the SELECT statement used in a Workbench Transform, in an ETL, or somewhere else?  

    Thanks again

  • It can be done in Workbench or within a MySQL transform. 


    The easiest method is probably just to create a beastmode and then check to the box to 'Save to dataset' so you can reuse it as needed.

  • I originally thought about using Beast mode, but I already have dozens of cards built and would rather fix the data than edit all of the cards to use new fields.  I can't for the life of me find how to use a Select statement in Workbench, do you know if there is a guide for this?  Can it be done with a Filter Transform or Search/Replace Transform?

    Thanks again

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    You can try the following (using something like the IF value under Category:Logical)

  • This looks like it will work, thanks!

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