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I'm using a beastmode conactenating two text fields as the value in the calendar. See attached screenshot. I want to place the second value, after the " / " on the next line rather than under the first. Is that possible? It seems writing any html or a break statement isn't working. 

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  • Property_Ninja

    Hi mfaas,


    I am getting the same issue with HTML and break. When you hover it actually shows the line break but in the calendar you actually see the <br> text. 


    My only thought is to pull the data into R using the DomoR package and split the string on "/" then use sapply to split the names into separate rows. The end results would look something like 


    Date               Name

    10/8/18          Anand, Mike

    10/8/18          Chad Pim(rest of name here)


    Then when you upload the dataset back to Domo you will be able to use those fields in the calendar. use name in the sorting, and they should show on separate lines within the same date.


    R Sample Code

    #splits the strings into different columns
    s <- strsplit(yourtablename$name, split = "/")

    #splits the different names into rows with the corresponding date
    yournewdf <- data.frame(name = rep(yourtablename$date, sapply(s, length)), name = unlist(s))


    Hope this helps,




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  • AS

    I don't think HTML will work in calendar cards.  New lines appear to be restricted to new records, not different columns on the same record.

    You might have to break apart your values into individual records in a dataflow, if that's possible.

    Let me know if my assumption about your data is incorrect.

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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  • mfaas

    Hey Aaron thanks, I see what you mean. I think that may cause other issues with this data, but I see what you mean. I was hoping there was some sort of series feature or text wrapping feature I could use. 

  • mfaas

    Thanks Brian, I may try this. 

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