Is the maximum columns in a table card set to 100 columns?


I have a large dataset that has 164 columns and I can only select 100 columns, is there a way in a table card to break out smaller datasets into a sub-table similar to a tabsheet in excel.


  • AS

    I thought the column limit was closer to 250, but that's nearly 5 year old knowledge and things have likely changed.

    Have you tried a Sumo card to see what its limit is there?

    Or, you could put a few cards on a page, side by side, and have them act as vertical slices of the data.

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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  • Msan
    Msan Domo Employee

    Hi blomquib,


    Yes, the maximum columns in a table card are 100.


    My suggestion would be adding a link to jump to a separate card or concatenate columns so that all data fit into a card.


    Thank you!

  • blomquib

    It does seem to have a 100 column limit.  In it's current state this report is not going to work in Domo.  However, you've given me some good ideas that will help me as I continue transitioning to Domo.  I'm going to work with our accounting team to streamline this report to exactly what they need.  Thanks.

  • blomquib

    Thanks,  but Unfortunately, This won't work for my situation, I'll be working with the accounting group to determine a better dataset that will work in the Domo environment.

  • rado98
    rado98 Contributor

    Am I right ot assume that, as 100+ cloumns would be ineligible at a glance, the data would be extracted to use on a spredsheet or something? There are better ways to extract Domo data if that is the case.


    Alternatively, if you wont have more than a few rows you could collapse the whole data set and have columns headers on the side instead.

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