Formula to group fields based on a specific string of text in that field


Our customers are broken down by specific locations. I want to create a card to track sales for the customer that includes all of the customer locations and customer numbers. Is there a beast mode calculation I can create to pull any customer if it includes specific text (i.e. CASE WHEN NAME_CUST includes 'Customer*' ELSE 0 END)? I want to get a summarized value for 'Customer' if the customer I am trying to summarize has locations listed 'Customer - A', 'Customer - B', and 'Customer - C'?


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    Do you have a large number of customers that would have to be listed out in a case statement like that?

    I mean, if you have a few then it shouldn't be a problem to just list out a few clauses in your case statement.


    when name_cust like 'CustomerName1%' then 'CustomerName1'

    when name_cust like 'CustomerName2%' then 'CustomerName2'




    But if you have dozens or hundreds or thousands, then it becomes not feasible to list that many and you need another solution.  In that case, you need to find a pattern that you can take advantage of, like the hyphen being the division between customer and location.  Find the hyphen position and get the text up to the character before that:






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