Beast mode: Format numeric fields in Concat function

Is there a better way to format values in beast mode then using a bunch of case statements to insert commas (see example below)? The format function does not exist in beast mode.


WHEN `Amount Value` >= 10000 AND `Amount  Value` < 99999
THEN CONCAT('$',LEFT(CONCAT(round(`Amount Value`,0),''),2),',',RIGHT(CONCAT(round(`Amount Value`,0),''),3))


  • GTA
    GTA Domo Employee

    To just clarify for me, are you after a unique format that when you click on the field once you drag it into the visualization and tell it that the field is a currency with the indicated number of decimals, that you are after a different view? I'd likely leave the formatting out of Beastmode unless you are definitely after something unique.Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 9.48.32 AM.png

  • this is part of a larger concat beast mode for use as a header so the formatting options do not apply.

  • jstan
    jstan Contributor

    I haven't found a better way and sometimes the concats we use get really long.  I wish Domo had a drag and drop summary number where we could add several numbers together and format it how we would like with a little more ease.

  • agreed... I find myself using the summary bar to do the real comparison against plan (metric) and formatting with RAG colors to designate if on track/ need improvement/ major issue. Both the formatting is complicated and especially on mobile devices the html coding doesn't work.