Can color rules be used on the symbols in Grouped Bar + Symbol cards?


My question is essentially the subject of this thread. I am creating a card and need some sort of call out to bring to the attention of the person viewing the card that the value of the symbol (the ratio of actual to budget) is less than 1. This would show that what the bars represent is under budget. I have tried to use a color rule, as you can see in the legend of the attached screenshot. Is it not possible to do this becasue my symbol is a beastmode, or perhaps because this functionality is not available in Domo presently?


Edit: I also tried to use the maximum vale from the scale on the left hand side (3.2 million) and still the color rule did not affect the symbols.


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    Series values in Domo generally won't change colors like that based on certain values.  Others have posted the request that those arrows change colors or direction based on being above or below a threshold, which makes great sense and would very much help call out the variation.

    Some other options:
    You could try a table chart which does have conditional formatting.  The cell could be green above 0 or red below 0 like below

    conditional format.PNG

    You could also try a pair of beast modes, one for each range, which would be different series in the card and different symbols (maybe that's what you were trying to do with the red and blue).  You'd just have to make sure that the value was null when it wasn't in the range so the right symbols would show up for the value ranges: 

    Beast Mode 1
    case when [ratio calc] > 0 then [ratio calc] end

    Beast Mode 2
    case when [ratio calc] < 0 then [ratio calc] end
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