If we turn on SSO, how is the "You've been Domo'd" notification impacted for new users?


We would like to turn on SSO in our environment. Currently when setting up user accounts, a "You've been Domo'd" email is automatically generated and sent to them. This email contains their user name and indicates that they will set up their password when connecting for the first time. But with SSO, they will not be setting up a password. They would be using their network login credentials. 


Is there a different "You've been Domo'd" template for SSO environments, or is the notification turned off?



  • Valiant

    Users don't get a 'You've been Domo'd' email just by turning on SSO. Technically the users won't have a Domo account until they go to login the first time. That's when their Domo account gets created. (Unless you decide to bulk load your user base in ahead of time)


    Let me know if you have any other questions.




  • AS
    AS Coach

    I don't know how others are doing it, but we have Okta for our single sign on solution, and we (the company or division admins) create user accounts, whereupon they usually receive the familiar "You've been Domo'd" email. They won't set up their password but will instead be redirected to the SSO authentication screen and enter their system password in order to log in.

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