Can we format the scheduled reports in the email? The Report in the Email get's cut off


I've got a card i want to send out for today's wins that's a simple table of the name of the opportunity, the value, and the brand they purcahsed.  


However, not all the fields show up in the email.  You have to click on the link to view the card to see everything. 


Is there anyway to get it all in the email, so all the columns can be seen? 


  • lucywo
    lucywo Member

    It also happens when you publish to the web link.


    I think they are working on this issue. Hope it will be solved soon.


    As an alternative solution, you can get all rows in a table by exporting to PowerPoint.



  • Msan
    Msan Domo Employee

    Hi TimmyB,


    If you only have 4 columns to display on the scheduled report, try…


    Font Size -> Smallest

    Allow Text to Wrap -> On

    Set Column Widths -> 2,2,2,2 (or adjust as you need)


    on General under Chart Properties.


    I hope this helps.


    Thank you!

  • jstan
    jstan Contributor

    Hi @TimmyB unfortunately with traditional dashboards, you are limited to 4 columns in a data table for scheduled reports.  To get the four rows, set you font size to the smallest available and turn on text wrapping.  When you see a card in a dashboard, the large size will show the same columns when it emails. 


    You can also hide columns if you want to use subtotals on the first column, but do not need to show the first column each time.  One option might be to move the brand to the first column, turn on subtotals and hide the first row (brand).  You would still see the brand, it would just subtotal it.


    In the future, there will be new layout options for dashboards that I have been able to send 14+ columns in an email, but you will be limited on the overall row count.  With the smallest font, you will probably get 30-40 rows.  


    I still think there is more that Domo can do and I have been pushing to get some more options to send data tables.




  • jacobpeterson
    jacobpeterson Domo Employee

    I would like to re-engage this discussion becuase even today the same issue exists in exporting a simple table. I tried all the options y'all mentioned below and continually found only 3 columns beind shown in the report regardless of the text and column sizes I pushed to the table. Additionally, if you do decrease the column size to 2,2,2,2,etc. then when a user views the card in Domo it is HORRIBLY designed and a total eyesore. Help please!

  • Msan
    Msan Domo Employee

    Hi boujee_boolean,


    This has been an ongoing issue for a long time.  I came up with another workaround.


    1. Create a page for desktop viewing and for the scheduled report subpages.

    2. Add identical cards in both pages.

    3. For desktop subpage, have cards just like you'd make.

    4. For the scheduled report page, break the table cards into smaller sizes( only 3 columns in each table cards).

    5. Send the scheduled report page for a reporting purpose.

    6. Instruct the report receivers to reference the desktop page for full view.


    The drawback is when you update card(s) in one page, you'd need to update respective card(s) in another subpage.


    I hope this helps!



  • ST_-Superman-_

    The integration cloud might offer some more appealing alternatives. It allows you to write back to outside applications like OneDrive or smart sheet directly from a Domo dataset.

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  • jstan
    jstan Contributor

    Hi @boujee_boolean with Stories you can now send wider data tables.  You can move/copy a card to a new Stories page if you are not ready to convert the existing page to Stories. 


    There is also another option that is not as intuitive, but you can use Campaigns.  Campaigns allows you to fully customize reports to users and non-users with HTML, but will require more configuration and setup than scheduled reports.  While it is primarily for email campaigns to external parties, it can also be used to send "reports" internally.  If you would like to try it out, you can contact your Domo CSM. 


    I played with it, but for now, we decided to stick with scheduled reports just because it is easier for us to manage on a part time basis.

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