Uploading new data to Domo graph




What is the easiest way to update data from Excel into Domo without recreating the entire visualization from scratch?  Or is it best to use Workbench to accomplish the said task?


  • Valiant

    Is the existing visualization already using an Excel data source? If so, you can just go into that datasource, click on the Settings tab and then reselect your updated datasheet. 


    Otherwise workbench is a good option, especially if you're going to be doing this fairly often. 


    Let me know if you have any questions,


  • user07481

    Maybe I'm missing something.  How do I easily update the Excel data source without completely altering the visualization?

  • guitarhero23
    guitarhero23 Contributor

    What do you mean by altering? If your chart doesn't have any specific date paremeters or you add new data that would be included in the visualization it will change to account for the new data.


    Valiant is correct about the fact that you can just reupload an excel source if it's been updated and all the visualizations will be intact but adjust for the new data. Is this not what you're looking for?

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