anyone pulling statistics from STatCan (Canada Statistics) ?

WHM Contributor

They have some APIs but I cannot get them to work with Domo... I am hoping someone else has already invented the wheel.




  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Domo Employee

    Hi @WHM,

    While I don't know if someone has already created a connector, or a way to connect to their API (We can leave that to the rest of the community to answer), I do know there are users who are pulling in this data via the File Upload connector or Via Workbench using Canada Stat's Delta File.


    It looks like it's just a large compilation of the data for the day. It does require a bit of manual work to download the file of course, but it will get it in DOMO for you.

  • WHM
    WHM Contributor

     Thanks  @Jarvis !

    I downloaded some of their entire datasets but I need an automated way to get the data into Domo. The zip files are just a pain. They seem to provide almost enough information. I got some of the APIs to return data but I could not find all the information about their dataset needed to loop through and get all the data. The answer may be to pull the whole thing as a zipped CSV and then load updates. You get the product id but not the vector or not the coordinate. There is probably some combination of steps to get the information about the datasets then pull in the changes but I have spent hours reading their web page and have not found it yet. 

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