Does The Connector I'm Looking For Exist?

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I have been shopping around for a connector on Domo but have not settled on the right one yet. The main purpose of this connector is to automate the rather arduous task of manually uploading ~25 financial spreadsheets to Domo each month.


What I'm looking for:

>Files can be saved locally and the connector is set up to recognize the the folder containing said files to then push to Domo

>Connector recognizes when a new file(s) is saved to the directory and can push new files to Domo

(new may not be a requirement as appending duplicates could be solved in an ETL)



It seems that Azure may provide this service at a cost. What are my options for free connectors for a similar service?




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    Hi @mfaas


    If you're looking for a web-hosted connector that will reach into your local system automatically and retrieve files, you're going to be waiting a long time.  I personally don't think you'll ever find that in the Domo interface.

    I think you would need a locally stored application like Workbench to do that.  There's an open plugin architecture with which you can have Workbench pick up all sorts of files automatically, in one job.  It will be on a schedule, but if that schedule was run every 15 minutes or so, that's almost as good as automatic.  It's free, too, you just need someone to develop that plugin.

    When I was at Domo we created one plugin that collated hundreds of files in one folder into one dataset in Domo.  It was awesome.




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