can't graph by month

Why does the graph by option (day, month, year, etc) not always available? It just says none and cannot be changed. I'm using a date dimension in my X axis (YYYY-MM-DD) and numeric in my Y axis. What am I missing? I've never had this issue before.




  • Does your date dimension have the calendar icon next to the name? Or is it being seen as a Text field?



    You can also try creating a BeastMode using your date like this:

    CAST( `Date` AS Date`)

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  • Thanks for the speedy reply. Yep, it does show the date icon that you pointed out. Date 1.pngDate 2.png

  • If you recreate the card from scratch, are you still unable to group? I've had to do that before to "re-enable" some of the default options that should be available.

  • Tried a couple times to start from scratch. No luck. Thanks for trying

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    AS Coach

    Is that a drill path card or a top level card?  I've seen this behavior when it's a drill down, and we had to start that card from scratch in order to get it to work.  If it's a drill down, what date grain does the top level card have?

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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