Creating a running percentage chart


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I have a dataset, which is broken up into 4 populations (which is my series). I am trying to create a chart (or table) that shows the percentage of each population that had made their first purchase by a given day after signing up as a member (ie- % that bought for the first time by day one, then cumulative percentage that had bought by day 2, day 3) until eventually at some point each population would be showing 100%.

I'm trying to manipulate a Running Total Line chart to make it a running percentage, but I'm having no luck. Can anyone suggest another way to approach this?


My data is set out as follows:

Customer IDDays to ConvertPopulation
11Prior Year
21Group 1
35Group 2
46Group 3
52Prior Year
62Group 1
72Group 2
84Group 3
93Prior Year
1010Group 1
115Group 2
1213Group 3
134Prior Year
148Group 1
159Group 2
1616Group 3


Any guidance would be appreciated.



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    Is anyone able to help out with this request?


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