Filtering a Dataset in a Custom App using a URL

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We are planning to have an external link to a custom app that will filter out one record. However, I know that DOMO custom apps cannot access the url in the address bar, so we cannot use a query string.


Additionally, I have tried the page filter URL and it seems to work, but not as expected. The user would need to click on the filter button in the card in order to see the appiled filter, but once the user closes out of the filter pane, the app will reload and the filter will not be applied.


So I am wondering - is there is a way to dynamically filter a dataset with a custom app using a URL or is there is another method so the user would not need to manually apply a filter?


Thank you!


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    You can embed a page filer in a url to a Domo page. Would that solve your issue? I use it to go from a list of customers (down from last year) to a customer dashboard that shows all their metrics filtered on that customer.

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    Hi WHM,


    Thank you for your reply!


    We have done something like this on other pages, but I was wondering if this is possible in the app itself (like into a card itself, not a page with many cards). As stated, it will work with this URL in the card, but the user will need to actually click on the filter button to see the filtered content. It seems like a bug, but then again, it is supposed to be a page filter URL, not necessarily a card filter URL Smiley Wink.


    Were you able to get this to work by viewing an individual card instead of a page? If so, I would like to know how.


    Thanks again!

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