Decimal numbers are wrong




i have a CSV-file with decimal numbers, but they are loaded not correct by workbench:

"" --> correct mapped to null

"0.0392156862745098" --> correct mapped to 0.0392156862745098

"0.0784313725490196" --> correct mapped to 0.0784313725490196

"4.43137254901961" --> WRONG mapped to 443,137,254,901,961


It appears everytime if the number before the decimal is greater than zero. These numbers are all in the same collumn and are encapsuled with doublequotes(").






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    Hi Andreas

    This isn't by chance a CSV that was saved from Excel, was it?

    I had a similar problem a couple years ago and if I recall correctly, there was an issue with the scientific notation (ex 4.3Ewhatever) that Excel was using.  I actually don't recall what the solution was, unfortunately, but maybe that gives you a starting point.

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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