Random Sample from Population already in Domo


I am interested in running experiments with dataset(s) already in domo but want to be able to sample, is there now or are there plans for a way to randomise cases in one or more datasets in domo to build a sample set to run projections on? 

Preferably Random/Stratafied random sampling. 

Has anyone found a way to mimic the rand function in excel to make sampling possible? 


  • Valiant



    You can use the RAND MySQL function if you use a SQL transform.


    The basic version of your sampling query would look like this: 

    SELECT * FROM dataset
    LIMIT 10

    Just increase the LIMIT to whatever size of sample you want and rerun the data transform each time you want new data.


    Hopefully that's what you're looking for,



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  • user05635



    I also want to use the RAND() Function in MySQL to pick ten random records per partition in the table. I have created partitions thorugh windowed ranking. I am not sure how to pick ten records from each partition (ex: if there are 5 partitions, I need the query to return 50 random rows). Can you help me with this?