Gauge card bufferzone between pass/fail

For a filled gauge card, let's say i want to put a goal of 50 on a gauge.  Is there a way to have a small buffer zone of color that isnt pass/fail?  For example, "goal = 50, but 48 to 50 is yellow not red"


Similar to a radial gauge where you set limits to numbers high/low but it is a percentage based.  I am looking for a filled gauge that acts like a radial gauge.  So 0-48 would be red, 48-50 is yellow, and anything over 50 is green.  Almost like "50 is your goal, but we will allow 48 and not affect you as badly".



  • Hi @Greg_B

    That particular card doesn't have ranges like a radial gauge.

    Have you tried using the radial gauge with a percentage measure? We use those for sales percent to goal KPIs, for example.

    You might also try using the comparative fill gauge cards.  The advanced version of that card has quite a number of features (it might also be overkill).

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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