Social Media Connector guides?


Is there any kind of guide, legend, or glossary of some kind for Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / LinkedIn connectors?


While there is a "?" next to Reports that gives a brief snippet about what is included in the report, I don't know how I can find what columns are exactly included in each report. And there's a lot of reports. So far I've been creating dummy datasets to see if the data I need is included in the report but this is very tedious.


Additionally - is there anywhere I can find a guide for what each of the columns mean? E.g., for the LinkedIn Connector for the "Company Posts Update" report there's a column for "LikesShown" and "numLikes" - numLikes looks like the total but what is LikesShown? There are several other confusing columns that I'm not sure of.


I'm not sure if this is specifically a Domo question or more relevant to each platform but any help would be appreciated as I'm pretty new to reporting for social media.








  • user01263

    As an additionaly question - is there any way to draw usernames or emails into Domo from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter?

  • Gerry
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    I'd like to know how you doin in this topic? are you still having troubles? The first thing that I check is to verify what data is useful from social media to my business. Maybe we could look at the KPI's that are important for you and then try to find the right connector to get it.