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Okay, so I'm trying to visualize two sets of information on one card. The first is our stored Goal, which is in one datasource being pulled into Domo. It's stored by Month and Year (two separate fields unfortunately, but I can work with that in ETL), and is a given number for the goal value - let's just say 100 for December 2017.


Then our actual traction towards that goal, is determined by a date field in a different dataset - so I need to count, based on whether that date's month and year match the goal's month and year. This could be say, 97 currently.


How would some of you approach this scenario, to show these values side by side...and filterable based on Goal Period?


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    We do this all the time in our datasets.

    We have a dataset for targets (aka goals/quotas/forecast/budget/etc).  Usually broken down by time (month/year) and person or product.  Like  100000   01-May-2017   Jackson, Theresa


    Then we have regular sales data.  Our sales data is at the transaction level.  In order to bring the sales together with the targets, we bring both into a dataflow.  First step is to roll up the actual sales to the same level as the targets.  In this case, monthly by person.  With the target and the sales at the same level, you can put them together.  At this point you have a choice to make: join the entries into single rows, or stack them with a label for measure type.


    97000  100000  01-May-2017   Jackson, Theresa


    Sales   97000   01-May-2017   Jackson, Theresa

    Target  100000 01-May-2017   Jackson, Theresa


    I've found it much easier to deal with the possibility that data is missing (products changing, people leaving, etc) from either side by opting for the second path.  I've also found it easier to work with the data if the date information is actually a date datatype, instead of a split column of month and day strings.  That will require some manipulation on your part.



    This is a high level view, so let me know if you have questions about the detail.

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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